I first “met” Rock in 2014 through his online profile at AFTA’s (All for the Animals) web site and his information at AFTA’s Petfinder site. I had adopted another rescued dog from AFTA and visited their web site (and public Facebook page) often. I was drawn to Rock, and kept going back to see if he had been adopted. He was still “there” so I got in touch with Glenna in West Virginia. (Glenna is the AFTA Angel in my book—she rescues and rehabs dogs no one else wants.) Lo and behold, Rock had already moved up to RI—he was right in Bristol!

Rock on his rescue day

Rock is a Treeing Walker Coonhound, and we are all sure he was a hunting dog in the first couple years of his life. Either that or his genetics for coon hunting are really strong! When Glenna and Laura rescued him (May 2013), he had been left tied to his dog house and had nearly starved to death. (His owner had passed away.) They guessed he was about 3 years old at the time. He was emaciated, had a broken spirit, and his body needed a lot of care; it wasn’t clear whether or not he would recover. Then, Glenna and Laura worked their magic! They fed him, loved and encouraged him, gave him a super-comfy bed, provided vet care for him, and the real Rock re-emerged. He put on weight, gained back his muscle and strength, and started zooming and acting like a goofball. He was going to make it!

Rock on his adoption day

Fast forward to May 2015: When I learned from Glenna that Rock was already up here, I got in touch with Donna at All Paws Inn to meet him. (She is another angel who also works her magic to help the “unwanted” dogs.) He was a big boy—over 70 pounds! We met and I immediately knew he was going to move to the island to join us. Because Memorial Day was just around the corner (and I wasn’t sure how he would react to fireworks, etc.), we decided to hold off on the actual adoption until right after Memorial Day. Finally, on May 29, 2015, Rock came home. The first weeks of his transition to life on the island were confusing for him. What, you can’t pee in the house? But, I don’t think I like that food…or that food…or that food…or that food. I know it takes a good six months for many people or animals to acclimate to major changes; Rock needed about four months. It was clear from the beginning that Rock is a smart boy. And, he needed a job (but not coon hunting!)