Isabel, Darcy and I participated in the Emma Loves Dogs Virtual Walk/Run this evening. We walked here in Vermont; we love that we can participate right here at home.

Kate, Darcy and Isabel walking in a field.

BigBob is visiting with veterans and others who live at the Vermont Veterans’ Home. There are a lot of cat lovers at the Home!

Congratulations to BigBob, who completed his re-credentialing on March 29! And, congratulations to Isabel! She completed her final evaluation on April 19. Both are now fully credentialed until April 1, 2024.

Isabel, a 13-inch beagle, joined our family a year ago. She completed her pet therapy temperament testing in December. We’re practicing some skills, so she’ll be ready for her final evaluation soon!

A student visiting with BigBob at Bristol Coummity College Attleboro campusBigBob visited with students at the Attleboro campus of Bristol Community College on December 12 for a destress break right before final exams. Thank you, Laura, for inviting us to participate in the pet therapy visits!

BigBob sitting with students in PDV 110 Pet Assisted Therapy I at PCBigBob made his debut as a credentialed therapy cat at Providence College yesterday. He visited with students who are enrolled in the Pet Assisted Therapy certificate program. Thank you, Cynthia, for inviting us!

It is with a very heavy heart that I tell you our sweet Mozey passed away on July 5. She was accompanied on the ride to our vets’ office by Darcy and Sadie and was surrounded by so many who loved her when she went to the Rainbow Bridge. We miss her so much but recently saw a double rainbow, so I think she is home.

Bob on the couchToday was a big day for BigBob! He had his temperament test to see if he is ready to formally start training for pet therapy work. He decided resting on the couch in the lobby was a good thing. He did well, and he got to visit with two residents in their rooms. Each resident explained where he wanted Bob to sit on his bed, we put down Bob’s blanket, and he curled up with each of his new friends.

Bob passed his temperament test! We’re very excited to begin work on the specific skills he needs to practice. Thank you Cynthia, Lin, and Lydia!

BigBob at HalloweenWe would like to introduce BigBob, a 10-year old cat who has been part of our family since August 2017. He was quite overweight and diabetic when he came home. Right now, his diabetes is under control with diet (and some weight loss), but we still do weekly blood testing. (It is just like blood testing for humans!)

Right now, he is in pre-training as a therapy pet and is practicing meeting people in different environments, walking with his harness, and more. (This week, he visited the ticket office at the ferry.) We hope to schedule BigBob’s temperament testing early this summer, and then we’ll begin formal training to become a therapy pet.

We are excited to watch BigBob’s progress toward joining Blue Heron as a Therapy Pet!

Mozey is retiring from her work providing pet therapy at the end of March. She plans to sunbathe and just enjoy resting. She’s having a few medical issues (including spinal arthritis) that are making it hard for her to work a lot.