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It is with a very heavy heart that I tell you our sweet Mozey passed away on July 5. She was accompanied on the ride to our vets’ office by Darcy and Sadie and was surrounded by so many who loved her when she went to the Rainbow Bridge. We miss her so much but recently saw a double rainbow, so I think she is home.

Mozey is retiring from her work providing pet therapy at the end of March. She plans to sunbathe and just enjoy resting. She’s having a few medical issues (including spinal arthritis) that are making it hard for her to work a lot.

Mozey visited a new nursing home today! She met almost all of the residents, including visiting with people during the exercise group, and visiting with people in their rooms and in common areas.  We look forward to going back!

Mozey at PC October 2018Mozey was invited to be a “guest speaker” in the first course of the Pet Assisted Therapy certificate program at Providence College . We talked about our home visits, the equipment (harness and leash) she uses, and more. Mozey also showed how she meets people when invited (“meet” cue) and how she uses her mat.

Thank you, Cynthia, for inviting us to participate in class!

Mozey was invited to the pet therapy class last evening. She had a great time and loved all the attention! Thank you for inviting us! Rock took a nap with one of his friends– a good rainy day activity!


We take a ferry if our pet therapy work is on the mainland. Mozey is checking out the water before she boards.

Mozey on the dock

Rock and Mozey have very different preferences about ways to interact with people and different strengths they bring to our Pet Assisted Therapy visits.

Rock is an inquisitive dog who likes to move. He loves to visit several different people for shorter visits. He’ll walk around the college campus and meet with people “on the go” rather than waiting for people to come see him. Rock also loves to do shorter visits with individuals who live in nursing homes. This works well for people who tire easily or who don’t want a long visit. Because Rock likes to see many different people, he often gets tired after 45 minutes of pet therapy work.

Mozey is very content staying with one person for a long period of time. She is happy to sit or stand with the person or lie quietly on the floor next to the person’s bed or chair. She’ll also sit and wait for people to come see her; she doesn’t need to move to people. Mozey has participated in drop-in type events at the college, and she has visited with individuals in nursing homes and private homes. Mozey has also provided Pet Assisted Therapy during calling hours at a funeral home.

The type of interaction that is anticipated during Pet Assisted Therapy will most often determine whether Rock or Mozey is the participating pet on the team. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Mozey visited the students at Providence College for Tuesday Timeout. She hung out with the students and enjoyed getting a lot of attention. Thank you, Emma, for inviting us to participate. We had a great time!